Natural fibers such as linen are pure and noble materials which relax over washing. The full softness of the fiber is therefore only revealed after several washes.

Washing: Machine wash on a delicate cycle is recommended but not a necessity; the normal cycle can also be used. The use of a mild soap is recommended. Never pour the detergent directly on the dry fabric; be sure to dilute the detergent first. Since bleach should be avoided, it is recommended that you use a mild stain remover soap to effectively treat stains.

Drying: Although flat drying is recommended, machine drying can also be adopted, but at low or medium temperature. Be sure not to over-dry the fiber and instead allow yourself to end drying while the product is still very slightly damp. However, it should be noted that the latter can cause a shrinkage of the fiber varying from 2% to 4%. Each product is manufactured slightly larger than the dimensions usually considered to be standard in order to compensate for the shrinkage to be expected. As a result, the tightening of the fiber will therefore be barely noticeable.

Ironing: Contrary to popular belief, linen does not require systematic ironing. We believe that the imperfect folds are in fact all the charm of this raw and authentic fabric. It is through imperfection that the personality of flax is revealed. If however the folds are undesirable to you, it is recommended to iron on the slightly damp fiber or to sprinkle the latter with a light mist of fresh water. We recommend ironing the item on its reverse side to avoid any alterations, especially in the embroidery.