There are souls that impress and transform you

There are some who’s greatness is inspiration to rise up

There are the living whose simple embrace warms the cockles of one’s heart

There are memories whose sweet melody pierces you

There are hearts so big they house the forgotten

There are lives whose mission improves that of others

There are humans whose footsteps become path

There are pure defenders for whom love and justice are the ultimate calling

There are children who learned the great value of knowledge

There are those men for whom the family is true wealth

There are those believers who give you faith

There are those great oaks whose brute nobility keeps you rooted

There are those storytellers who transport you

There are these universes that inhabit you

There are these protectors that envelop you

There are those builders who show you the way

There are those relationships whose simplicity overwhelms you

There are experiences that leave you speechless

There are those laughs that are bequeathed

... words which cut to the heart

... music that comforts you

... deceased who never leave you 

There is Henri. 


Love never dies, it is simply transformed.