Uniting purity, charm and authenticity, linen fabric is a natural textile which has been valued for tens of thousands of years. Its appearance, both sober and elegant, gives it unmatched character.

This plant fibre is completely natural, recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, unlike cotton, which is also widely used across the world, linen cultivation requires very little fertilizers and pesticides and relies only on rainwater to grow.

To this day, the quality of linen fibre remains unequaled. In addition to being hypo-allergenic and insulating, it also acts as a thermal regulator; it adapts to the changing seasons, the ambient humidity level, as well as body temperature. Highly absorbent, thus anti-perspiration, highly breathable and easy to care for, linen is without a doubt one of the most versatile natural fibres.

Linen is a very adaptable fabric with a complex simplicity. Its unsurpassed dirt-repellent and anti-pilling properties makes it an exceptionally durable fabric.

Linen has a strong, pure, classic and distinguished character. The quality and richness of linen can be appreciated both indoors and outdoors as it is resistant to water and light.

When used as a bed covering, linen is known to ease falling asleep while respecting sleep cycles, offering a combination of softness and comfort. Simultaneously hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, calming and relaxing, linen fibre provides a feeling of instant well-being and comfort. Whether the fibres become drenched in or released of water, their great adaptive power prevents the sensation or the unpleasant and persistent smell of moisture.

Finally, all Maison Henri products are made and embroidered in-house with great attention to detail to bring the finest touches of luxury, sumptuousness, and comfort to any home.

All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified which guarantee the absence of any chemical substances that could be harmful in any way. 

Just give it a try, enjoy the moment and you will be delighted!