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chandelle de soya maison henri
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Soy Candle

The light that blooms

For several centuries now, the ornamental cherry tree, or sakura, has been pivotal for Japanese culture. The sakura is a reminder that life is short and beautiful and should therefore be appreciated and treated with care. Popular belief says that the cherry blossom is closely related to success, renewal and evolution. Outside the country, this pink and white flower may refer to the fleeting beauty of youth or even the arrival of a new family member. The lily of the valley, for its part, is a true symbol of happiness; more particularly of rediscovered happiness. As a result, lily of the valley, when offered, puts a balm on any conflict situation. The union of these two flowers and their symbolism makes this candle the ideal complement to any decor or atmosphere. Let the soothing scents of sakura and lily of the valley transport you for over sixty hours. This delicate soy candle is sure to bring happiness and comfort to your home.


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