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Linen Water

The mist that intoxicates

Jasmine is a flower that fascinates as much by its simplicity as by its intoxicating scent. In addition to being a powerful symbol of love, sensuality and positivism, jasmine helps reduce stress and promotes sleep. True allegory of hope and spirituality, its pure and sophisticated beauty as well as its spirituous scent make this flower a sweet ally to soothe everyday life. Imbued with modesty and simplicity, jasmine anchors in us a deep sense of wisdom by invoking inner peace and relaxation. Acting as a mild antidepressant and aphrodisiac, jasmine flower is the ideal perfume for the bedroom. Meanwhile, magnolia, one of the oldest flowering trees in the world, is synonymous with dignity, strength, nobility, beauty and pure gentleness. The magnolia flower also represents longevity and grace. In traditional Japanese medicine, magnolia is used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, as well as asthma. The main function of the magnolia flower is to clear the airways. Magnolia seduces both with its delicate and bewitching scent, and with the sensation of immediate well-being it provides. The alliance of these two fragrances with notable benefits brings you the perfect mist to appease sleep, soften mornings or soothe torments.


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